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Upcoming NMFC Changes: August 2016

Posted by Chelsea Mitchell on Jul 20, 2016 1:19:50 PM

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) provides commodity classifications for interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce. There are a total of 18 classes, from a low of class 50 to a high of class 500. The goal of NMFC classifications is to provide shippers with standardized pricing for shipments when working with different carriers, warehouses and brokers. Below is a list of the NMFC changes which will take effect in August.  


Historically, commodities were grouped into classes based upon density, handling, stowability and liability. However, as published in our previous NMFC changes blog posts, an increased amount of commodities are shifting to a Pound per Cubic Foot (PCF) pricing model. This is causing some shippers to incur additional costs due to discrepancies in class.

It is important for shippers to understand exactly what PCF pricing is to avoid increases in costs. PCF pricing is based solely on the shipment density, which is calculated by dividing the dimensions (length, height, width) by the weight in pounds. The major difference is that the commodity will no longer determine the NMFC class. Instead, the class is dictated by the dimensions and weight of the shipment.

The below classification changes will become effective on August 13, 2016:

  • Scaffolding– Item 172521. This classification was changed in April. However, another dimension and density break will be applied for any scaffolding less than 48”. Additionally, the classification change will also apply to scaffolding parts, Item 172522.  
  • Wrapping Paper – Items 151790, 151090, 151700, 153850, 154500, 154560, and 174030 are all canceled. New items 151780 and 151800 will be created based on paper length and whether it is rolled or not. Item 153900 is now amended to include Gift Wrap Sets (Wrapping paper with gift tags, bows, or similar items).
  • Grading or Road Making Attachments or Implements – This group has undergone a major change. 18 classifications are canceled – all items between 122020 through 122520. New item 122000 has been created with three density breaks at 12 and 30 PCF. Graders, rollers, scarifiers, sand and gravel spreaders, as well as parts will be impacted.
  • Fruits or Vegetables, dried Group – Items 77000 through 77420 will be changed to adjust class levels as well as amend and consolidate item descriptions. Note that this grouping does not include items that have been prepared by freeze-drying or freeze-dehydration.
  • Slate blocks, Pieces, or slabs – Item 90280 has been amended to show classification for units shipped diagonally or vertically and will be based on length.  
  • Blankets, NOI – Item 49040 is now canceled and will be referred to the full scale density item, 49390.
  • Circuit breakers or switchesItems 61300, 61310, and 63250 have been canceled and will be referred to the full scale density item, 63160.
  • Fish Hooks – Item 16255 will be changed from class 100 to class 175.  
  • Obsolete provisions - 180770, 180900, 180990, 181030, 181500, 181620 and 181720 have been canceled as obsolete.
  • Church Furniture – 79300, 79320, 79340, and 79360 have been canceled. New items 80950 and 80960 have been created to cover church furniture and pews.

Contact our domestic transportation professionals with any specific questions regarding these changes. Marisol International provides a wide range of domestic and international transportation solutions. Stay updated on future NMFC developments by subscribing to our weekly industry newsletter here

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