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Industry FAQ Guide: Global Container Weight Rule

Posted by Chelsea Mitchell on Dec 15, 2015 10:19:24 AM

In case you missed it, beginning on July 1, 2016, each internationally loaded container will be required to have a verified gross mass (VGM) prior to its stowage upon a vessel. Obtaining and providing the VGM will be the sole responsibility of the shipper. Below outlines the upcoming law, detailing what shippers need to know to prepare.

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LCL Shipping Solutions

Posted by Chelsea Mitchell on Mar 4, 2015 1:55:00 PM

Less-Than-Container-Load (LCL) shipping is a great solution for importers and exporters who buy or sell small quantities of product. LCL shipping enables shippers to combine their small quantity of freight with other shippers to reduce transportation costs. Additionally, LCL shipping can be used within Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chains to increase efficiency and decrease inventory waste. Electing to move cargo via LCL options can result in cost savings due to the fact that shippers only pay for the space they need. Furthermore, shippers who do not have enough product ready to fill a full container, can ship via LCL to meet a customer arrival deadline. 

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