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Meet Your Team: Marisol Trade Management

Posted by Chelsea Mitchell on Jan 19, 2016 9:46:01 AM

Over the last few months you have probably worked with at least one member of the Marisol Trade Management Department. This new department combined three teams to improve our overall customer service abilities. The department focuses on servicing both external clients and internal employees by providing sourcing optimization, foreign agent and supplier management, global carrier contract management and overall supply chain visibility.


The Trade Management Department is housed in our Springfield, Missouri office. The team is comprised of 13 logistics professionals and led by industry veterans with more than 50 years of experience.

Pictured Above Left to Right:
Front Row: Bruce Chilton, Emily Kostelnik, Lesley Jones, Hollie Ussery, Breanna Mack, Geoff Chambers
Second Row: Bryan Otradovec, Jonathan Nichols, Devon Self, Anthony Perretta, Christopher Givler, Carston Cash, Fredrick Franken

The Trade Management Department combined the Marisol Domestic Services (MDS), Inside Sales team and our Drayage team into one unified department. The roles and responsibilities vary between these three teams, but the overall goal is the same - to provide our customers with premium logistics service at a competitive price. 

Did you know? The Marisol Domestic Services (MDS) team was previously known as Marisol Strategic Solutions (MSS). However, in January 2015, the department's name officially changed to Marisol Domestic Services (MDS). This name communicates the department and its services more clearly; while the department still aims to create and execute strategic solutions, domestic services distinctly describes what the department offers.

The MDS goal is to help clients lower their overall domestic transportation costs through leveraged purchasing power. The group reviews where and why a client spends their transportation dollars, and proceeds to explain how best to maximize their transportation spend. The team also creates, manages and distributes routing instructions on the customer's behalf. Additionally, carrier performance reviews are completed and provided to the client on a pre-determined basis. The MDS team also provides invoice payment and processing services, allowing our clients to focus on the core functions of their business.

The Inside Sales team formed in October 2013 to keep pace with the increased volume of quote requests. With the formation of the team, the quoting lead time was drastically decreased and responsibilities were more clearly defined within the trade and operations team. When the team merged under the Marisol Trade Management Department, the group's name changed to Trade Management Pricing. The pricing team works between the client, operations, sales and management teams to ensure shipment quotes are detailed and thorough.

The Drayage team was created in the spring of 2015 to support large volume customers. At this time, the group manages the domestic transportation for East Coast export shipments. The team performs daily tasks such as arranging bookings with steamship lines and updating the miSTAT shipment tracking system. Within the miSTAT system, the team can update shipment details such as the load location, pick up date, storage facility, port of loading, port of arrival, number of containers, mode, container weight, estimated time of departure, vessel name, voyage number, estimated time of arrival, discharge date and many other details. This provides the client with a snapshot of the shipment, accessible 24/7. The Drayage team also uploads commercial documents and communicates with the client on individual shipments within the mutually accessible miSTAT portal.

Combining the three Marisol teams into one department standardized a number of internal processes and procedures. The streamlining of operations for these teams will directly benefit our customers over the short and long-term. As always, Marisol International will continue to work to consolidate operating procedures to enhance our international logistics services. Contact us today to learn more.

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